Justice & Public Safety


The Outreach Program paralegal certificate courses offered at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, are not ABA-approved. 
Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law. Alabama law prohibits the practice of law by non-lawyers, including legal assistants/paralegals.

Justice & Public Safety Degree

The Auburn Montgomery undergraduate program in justice and public safety offers the Bachelor of Science degree to the student seeking comprehensive education for a professional career in the justice and public safety field. This major provides broad academic preparation in both general education and advanced course work of a specialized nature in either the criminal justice track or the legal studies track.

Criminal Justice Track

The criminal justice track provides preparation for careers in corrections, juvenile justice, law enforcement and security administration. Students complete 11 required courses, take at least three courses in one of the four specialization options, law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice and security administration, and at least one course in each of the specialization options.

Criminal Justice Track Sheet

Required Criminal Justice Courses (33 hours) 
JUST 1150 Introduction to Justice and Public Safety 
JUST 3040 Organization and Administration 
JUST 3120 Investigative Methods 
JUST 3620 Criminal Law 
JUST 3630 Evidence/Criminalistics
JUST 4000 Quantitative Methods
JUST 4220 Ethics in Criminal Justice 
JUST 4390 JPS Information Systems 
JUST 4510 JPS Planning 
JUST 4640 Criminal Procedure 
JUST 4700 Research Methods 
JUST 4705 Survey of Crime Theories
JUST 4710 Alternative Dispute Resolution

Criminal Justice Electives (24 hours)
Specialization Options require one course in each category, plus at least one category with three courses. Choose from the following:

Law Enforcement
JUST 1250 Law Enforcement Theory and Practice 
JUST 3130 Supervision and Management 
JUST 4410 Law Enforcement Administration

JUST 3510 Corrections Theory and Practice 
JUST 4420 Correctional Administration
JUST 4530 Community Corrections

Juvenile Justice
JUST 4540 Juvenile Justice Law 
JUST 4610 Juvenile Justice Administration 
JUST 4670 Family Law

Security Administration 
JUST 1160 Introduction to Security 
JUST 4370 Security Administration 
JUST 4580 Loss Prevention 
Internship or Special Topics course




Alpha Phi Sigma

Alpha Phi Sigma recognizes academic excellence of Undergraduate and Graduate students of Criminal Justice, as well as Juris Doctorate students. The Goals of Alpha Phi Sigma are to honor and promote academic excellence; community service; educational leadership and unity. For more information contact the faculty advisor Dr. Don Chon at 334-244-3726 or email dchon@aum.edu.

Legal Studies Track

The Auburn Montgomery Justice and Public Safety Department has offered an American Bar Association-approved paralegal education program for nearly 20 years. The program is designed to train highly competent and well-rounded individuals for careers as paralegals/legal assistants or as court or other judicial administrators. It also is excellent preparation for admission to law school. Plus, you can complete the program while earning either a bachelor’s Justice and Public Safety - Legal Studies track or as master’s in Justice and Public Safety - Judicial Administration Option. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive an ABA-approved certificate of program completion. 

Legal Study Track Sheet 

AUM is an institutional member of the American Association for Paralegal Education.

Required Legal Studies Courses (33 hours) 
JUST 1150 Introduction to Justice and Public Safety 
JUST 1270 Introduction to Law 
JUST 3740 Law Office Management
JUST 4000 JPS Quantitative Methods
JUST 4602 Legal Research 
JUST 4622 Legal Writing 
JUST 4650 Civil Litigation 
JUST 4660 Court and Judicial Administration 
JUST 4710 Alternative Dispute Resolution 
JUST 4800 Paralegal Studies/Legal Ethics 
JUST 4813 Computer Applications in Law 
ENGL 3060 Business and Professional Writing
ORGL 2930 Values & Ethics for Leadership

Track Required Electives (18 Semester Hours)

** Select 6 courses from Tiers I and II; at least 4 courses (12 semester hours) must be selected from Tier I.

Tier I
JUST 3620 Criminal Law
JUST 3720 Will/Trusts/Estate Planning
JUST 3730 Real Estate Law
JUST 4640 Family Law
JUST 4680 Torts/Civil Actions

Tier II
JUST 4540 Juvenile Justice Law
JUST 4590 Bankruptcy Law
JUST 4600 Business Orgs for Paralegals
JUST 4720 Govt. Power & Civil Rights
JUST 4780 Administrative Law
JUST 4924 Internship
JUST 4930 Directed Research
ENGL 3050 Advanced Expository Writing

Important information for all Legal Studies degree students 

Lambda Epsilon Chi

Lambda Epsilon Chi is a nationally known academic honor society for paralegal students. Sponsored by the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE), the society offers students national scholarship opportunities, participation in regional, state and local conferences, and networking opportunities with other legal professionals. For more information contact the faculty advisory Dr. Theresa Pelfrey at 344-244-3937 or email tpelfrey@aum.edu.

Internship Opportunities

There are a number of agencies that Justice and Public Safety work with that offer internships. The following is a list of these agencies:

Montgomery Police Dept.
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
Alabama Dept. of Corrections
Federal Probation & Parole
Alabama State Courts
Various Local Attorney Offices


Scholarships are available for JPS students with GPA average of 3.0 or above.
Please contact our office for application and details.

(1) Daniel Herring Donnelly Scholarship
(2) Dr. Kathleen A. Rasmussen Endowed Scholarship
(3) James T. & Inez Farrow Scholarship