Military Sciences

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Army ROTC Facts

Who can participate in Army ROTC?

Any student can attend the Military Science I and II courses without having a service obligation.  The course will act as an elective.  To be eligible to move on to the Military Science III and IV courses, you need to be approved by the Professor of Military Science (PMS).

How do I get a scholarship?

There are three types of Army ROTC scholarships: 2, 3, and 4-year scholarships.  To apply, go to

What if I am a transfer student and did not have the opportunity to take Army ROTC?

We offer the Army ROTC Leader's Training Course (LTC) for those that may have missed the first two years of Army ROTC.  LTC is not the same as basic training.  It's emphasis is on instilling leadership skills in future officers, rather than simply teaching basic soldier skills. This program takes place in the summer and after you graduate, you may receive a two-year Army ROTC scholarship.

How can I attend ROTC if my school does not have it?

If you are at one of our partnership schools, Faulkner University, Alabama State University, Huntingdon College or Troy University Montgomery, you can cross-enroll into the ROTC program at AUM.  All you have to do to enroll is go to your schools Registrars Office or ask your Academic Advisor.

If you are not at one of our partnership schools, you can go to to find the Host ROTC program for your school.