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The Auburn Montgomery College of Arts and Sciences consists of  diverse areas of study with a common mission: to create a dynamic and stimulating environment, focused on use of the scientific method, that serves to foster open inquiry, encourage critical thinking, and promote ethical decision making. We offer a variety of baccalaureate and graduate degree programs in the natural sciences, social sciences, and mathematics; our options include on-campus, off-campus and online programs and coursework. We offer our students:

    • Excellence in teaching—The combination of a first-rate faculty,  a wide selection of majors and coursework, and class sizes that are much smaller than are typical for a state school add up to a quality educational experience for our students.  Our faculty members make a point of getting to know students, providing the kind of advice, mentoring and academic assistance that helps students succeed in our programs.
    • The opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research—Students in the College of Arts and Sciences can work with faculty members on research projects, present the results at our Undergraduate Research Symposium as well as other meetings, and even co-author papers.
    • High quality pre-professional and professional programs—If you are interested in a career in medical sciences, engineering, or law, we offer excellent academic preparation and advising, leading to a high rate of success for our students in admission to professional schools.  Graduates of our own professional programs also have a high rate of success on national certification and licensure exams.
    • A unique interdisciplinary environment—The College of Arts and Sciences is truly global in scope, addressing international issues from a wide variety of perspectives, and providing the opportunities for both students and faculty to apply scientific expertise towards solving real world problems.   

Additional information on our programs is available through the links on this website, or through the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office. General information on AUM, including information on the admissions process, can be obtained through the Office of Admissions.

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