School of Sciences Overview Brochure for web

Advising information for Biology majors 

Juniors and seniors with majors in biology should contact the following faculty members for advising based on their concentration. 

Clinical Laboratory Sciences (Medical Laboratory Science)
Biology-Secondary Education: This includes Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Students. Bring your file from the education advising office with you to your appointment.  

General Biology (BIGN) students are assigned alphabetically by last name:

Environmental Science (BIES):

Molecular Biology

Public Health & Microbiology
    • Dr. Ben Okeke, 310V Goodwyn Hall, Students interested in Applied Microbiology and Environmental Microbiology should see Dr. Okeke.
    • Dr. Pete Haddix, 311B Goodwyn Hall, Students interested in Medical Microbiology and Public Health should see Dr. Haddix.

Biology Health Sciences (BIHS) students are assigned alphabetically by last name:

Second degree (in biology), double major (one major is biology) and biology majors that don’t fit into any of the previous categories:

For other questions on advising, contact the Biology Departmental Office, 301 Goodwyn Hall, 244-3316.