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Graduate Assistantships Available for New and Current Graduate Students in Cybersystems and Information Security!


Master of Science in Cybersystems & Information Security

You understand a world that most people don’t even know exists: Security Informatics. Ask the average guy on the street what “Applied Cryptology” is and you’ll get a blank stare. But for you, it’s good news because it’s the title of a core class you’ll be taking if you enroll in AUM Graduate Studies for a master of science in cybersystems and information security.

This isn’t just some fancy-sounding IT degree like you could get anywhere else. This is elevated instruction in an industry that in many ways runs the modern world. Companies depend on people like you to keep their business intact. AUM makes sure those people remain on the cutting edge.

Upon graduation, a student in this program will be able to do the following with confidence: 

    • Identify and respond to information security challenges in distributed and embedded systems.
    • Evaluate and recommend technological tools and protocols to protect against risks.
    • Integrate the use of encryption technology in non-secure and non-private computers and systems.
    • Design and conduct research in the area of cybersystems and information security.

This master’s degree will arm you with the skills to develop original, innovative technologies that improve cybersystems security. You’ll be ready to troubleshoot large-scale information networks and distributed systems. And you’ll know exactly how to mitigate system vulnerabilities and restore compromised services. 

Your program will include courses like: 

    • Network Security & Reliability-Quantitative Metrics
    • Secure Software Systems
    • Computer Systems Modeling & Simulation
    • Financial Accounting/Integrated Business Concept

Chances are, you’ve already discovered your interest and natural aptitude for this industry. AUM is here to help you develop that skill to a professional level that surpasses even your own expectations. So, if you’re ready to expand your capabilities and increase your earning potential, apply to AUM Graduate Studies M.S. in Cybersystems and Information Security. To learn more, contact us today.

Related careers/job titles: Homeland security, government and state agencies, private business, armed forces, information technology.

Approximate program length: Two years

To learn more, call Luis Cueva-Parra at 334-244-3321 or email